TV Series: A Meditation on its Purpose and Yours

TV Series… man. Customised Hype. Tailored Distractions.

After spending so much time, even now, watching, watching and looking forward to the next episode of whatever. I’ve been forced to face the ever higher mountain of things I should be doing. Stories are great, but I think they should be uplifting you in some way because of the high cost of the investment, your time.  You should be learning something new, it should be inspiring you to change some behaviour which does not serve you.  It should definitely go beyond entertainment.

But, maybe that is all it is and what it is meant to be and will always be.  Distraction.  We’ve always sought out distraction because, I don’t know, life is hard and we’d rather not face it.  Other have also exploited this to their benefit.  They’ve delivered this bread and circus tailored to keep us hooked and coming back for more so that we have far less time to ponder, to reflect our own existence, to reflect our place in society, in the world… and far less time to do anything about the growing discontent as those who hoard wealth, hoard more wealth, consolidate more power and leave us to pick up scraps when we finally turn our eyes away from the TV, phone, computer we’re stuck to.

This tailored content, wrapped in the ideology of its creators and lobbyists, warps your perspective as well.  Little by little, subconsciously, making you see the world as they want you to. Adopt the perspectives and opinions of the many protagonists they parade in front of you, that you identify with.  When you finally face the world, you end up not seeing the world as it is, but as they want you to see it.

So, which TV series defines you as a person?  How much sex, violence, comedy and drama is it going to take to fill that void inside you?

More importantly, what will it take for you to finally get off your ass and make your life better?  Because make no mistake, at best… you’re stagnating unless you get your ass up and away from whatever series you’re watching.

At least take time to reflect that what I’ve written above, is it true or bullshit for you in particular?  What could you be doing? At least write it down.  Be aware, you’re either fulfilling the purpose of the creators of the show, or yours… depending on how much time you spend with it.

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The Problem With (Some) TV Series

Firstly, this is based on Suits, Designated Survivor, Quantico (puke) and other similar idiotic American nonsense.  There are other great TV series, but I won’t get into those.

Most of all, it’s the bad writing.  Here’s a breakdown…

  • The same situation happens over and over and the characters respond in the same way, over and over.  Example: The 7 Things That Happen on Every Suits Episode
  • The actors say the same things, over and over. The characters end up flat. cliches.
  • It doesn’t resemble, at all, how actual humans behave, real people would not talk or behave like that. It stands out, it irritates, it takes the attention away from what’s happening because it’s so bad.
  • There’s no planning, which is just lazy, creating plot problems which lead to the above. Also, they sometimes just go over the top.

One of the frustrating things about the pilot for ABC’s Quantico is that it’s just good enough to make you want to watch another, but also filled with enough worries to make you want the second episode as proof that the flaws might be magnified. Source

and then there’s this…


The plus side is they’ve actually made me start reading books instead… and there are some exceptions: Chicago PD and Blue Bloods. Both of those manage to be relevant and good viewing.

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