Progress is Perfection.


You see, at the end… all of this doesn’t matter.

This world is nothing, man.  I mean, what’s the average age again… seventy, eighty years?  Even with modern technology, maybe a 100 years? You put that in a cosmic perspective and it’s nothing. A blink of an eye.  So what are you so anxious about?

Any problem you can think of… what? You lost your job, You got robbed, you broke your leg, you got divorced, somebody deceived you, somebody broke your heart. Whatever, pick a problem. In the bigger scheme of things, it’s nothing. You will get over it. It’ll fade away into nothing and you will learn and grow from it. That’s the point.

Little by little, each problem you overcome makes you more of who you are and progress is perfection.

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Do Not Go On The Deep Web

For every curious person, you know the one thing they tell you not to do… you obviously have to do it, or at least see. You know what I mean?

Have you ever had the experience, though, where you regretted looking? That’s generally the dark web, and specifically my experience with it.

The dark web has random buttons all over the place, specifically for the curious.  I don’t know what to tell you except that it just isn’t worth it. the plaec caters to the dark side of humanity. Think of the worst, gory flick you’ve ever seen… yeah, the dark web has worse. Fiction doesn’t come close to reality.

The worst and weirdest of sexual fetishes, violence, psychopathy.  And it isn’t hidden, it isn’t hard to find. It’s there and before you know it, it scars you and leaves you wondering why you would put yourself through that. It’s the worst. I know you’re curious but don’t do it.

There’s stories online about the scary shit people have come across there… and that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.

So, unless you’re actually using it for legit purposes (journalism or activism)… just trust me. Don’t even attempt it. It’s not worth it.


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The Best Steak in Istanbul

So this is pretty hard, actually.  There are a lot of great steak and burger places in Istanbul.  But, I can only talk about what I know so don’t kill me in the comments (Who am I kidding, nobody comments here! hahaha.)

First, I want to talk through the experience of having steak in Istanbul. It’s AMAZING.

The meat literally melts in your mouth, falls off the bone… and it tastes like it’s supposed to taste, obviously with added salt…

… but seriously though (I’ll get to Nusr-et later), that’s exactly what it is.  Now, granted, my experience before this was over-cooked steak, Indian style, overloaded with spices so you don’t actually taste “meat”.  This was a revelation.  and this goes for all the meat – beef, lamb, whatever.

That’s not all though, there’s mustard, two kinds, light and dark… the dark is the one you want to go for (which we refer to as wasabi, because it has the same effect but different, kinda)… Now, I’d like to get into that experience, but a good friend of mine actually poetically put it down as…

“There’s a moment when you’re rolling your eyes at the amazing steak and then the wasabi kicks in and plays on the nasal passages it’s like a theme park ride it’s awesome.” – Zubair Habib

Another notable quote to make my point … “the steak was amazing… I love that it’s naked, just steak, no sides no sauce.”

Okay, let’s get to the meat of the matter, what are the best places in Istanbul to eat steak at?

  1. Nusr-et
    It may seem like a cliche because of all the media attention and the meme extraordinnaire but make no missed-steak (hahahaha), this place is the real deal.  I recommend the Meat sushi (for the theatre and the thing itself), the Beef Ribs and the lamb chops. The one in Etiler is the original steakhouse.
    Trademark Moustache, same quality as Nusr-et. Story is they both trained at the Gunaydin (next in the list) in the list before they became big names themselves. He’s obviously not as big as Nusr-et but the place is just as expensive and he’s just as quirky.  Go straight for the steak on the menu, but even the lamb chops were pretty amazing.  This guy’s also in Etiler.
  3. Gunaydin
    These guys are the standard Turkish Steakhouse, but that doesn’t mean it has any lack of quality.  It’s less expensive than the above, less fanfare and theatre and quirkiness, but it has all the great meat you need.  The one in Etiler is the best, in my opinion, but they’re everywhere… you can’t miss them.  Go for steak or kofte on the menu, they’re all good.

I should mention though, generally, the service is pretty awful, everywhere. Still trying to figure out why… but it is what it is.

… and sorry for the dad jokes.

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What Makes a Great Pizza?

It’s subjective, but there’s definitely a few elements which, if you get them right, makes it all come together.

So let’s start… (This is describing a Margherita… naturally)

  1. The Base – It MUST be thin… and crispy.
  2. Sauce – The tomato sauce needs to be high quality, tasty. Which means it stays away from being sour or too sharp.  Secret ingredient here is a little bit of brown sugar (kinda the same as pasta sauce), adding basil also adds a great dimension to the taste.
  3. The Cheese. – A nice melty cheese is key here, and nothing with too strong a taste on its own.  Gouda, Cheddar, Mozzarella are good options. Better if all three together.
  4. Garnish with other mixed herbs.

That’s what makes a great pizza. To me anyway, as I said… it’s subjective.

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