Should I or Shouldn’t I Just End this Blog?

I am wondering what purpose this blog serves if I cannot keep updating it at a decent rate. Previous attempts had failed due to hacks and whatever other failures came about and all of those posts are now lost, or probably on webarchive somewhere. But seriously, who cares. There are so many blogs out there, what does this serve except to be some sort of public journal of my thoughts… why would anyone care about that? Except, maybe, future employers googling me.

So after all the previous posts of advice and thoughts about life, here I am navel-gazing and wondering if it’s worth it at all. Maybe it should be, for me at least… to look back and remind myself of my own life lessons and things I think about. Maybe I’ll look back and disagree with my previous self. To see what I was and where I am now and marvel at the journey I’ve been on.

Maybe my kids will read this and be inspired, moved, or hopefully take the life advice and make their lives better. I really hope for this one. To see who their father was and what he thought and learn from his mistakes.

Memories fade, but here’s a blog post in black and white. Life is such a curious thing. So multi-faceted. So many things to take into account. The what’s and the how’s of day-to-day life morphing into the why’s and wherefore’s of our entire existence.

Maybe what this blog is for is for all the rambling… so your thoughts are cast out of your head and you can see them for what they are and make sense of them.

So… after all that, maybe I’ll keep this blog. It seems useful if I take this particular example into account. I did not mean to post anything and yet here we are. Life is such a curious thing.

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  1. Back when I first started blogging – 2006 – I became part of a pretty active blog community. People like yourself, Saaleha, Bilal, and so many others. It was an engaging – and engaged – group who would read each other’s stuff, comment, discuss….it was *meaningful*.

    Then along came Facebook (or at least, the *popularity* rose exponentially), and people moved there. And onto other platforms. I think a lot of us also moved forward in life – marriage, parenthood, new careers, etc. So blogging became less and less important. And the blogosphere kind of died for a lot of people.

    Nowadays, when I see the term “blog” or “blogger”, unfortunately a LOT of it is simply commercial – people trying to sell or promote stuff, and make money from their blogs. And these ‘lifestyle’ blogs (which probably overlaps a lot with promotions too). It feels like far fewer people blog in the ‘traditional’ sense – what I’d call the golden age (for me, at least).

    As I said, people have moved on. Time is shorter for everyone, and it’s more convenient to simply put out brief bits on social media platforms. Meaningful engagement is also down – in my opinion – because of the invention of the Like button. It’s easier to just click / tap and move on – than actually *say* anything in-depth.

    Attention spans are way shorter too nowadays…an obvious product of the flood of content we get all over the place.

    I think life moves on, and for me – it’s sad that blogs are not what they once were – but it’s a different world. It doesn’t mean *I* change to suit the newer trends or change my content. I’ve always posted pretty much for me – what I want to write or put out. It’s self-serving, largely – but whatever can benefit others, I love that too.

    My blog remains an online, ongoing archive to capture snippets in my life – in a more public way than a private journal does. It’s important for me to keep it up not only as a personal record, but also as a legacy for my kids. Heck, I’ve even posted my daughter’s first real story on my blog – so she’ll always have a place to see her first ‘published’ work (assuming WordPress doesn’t die).

    I think you need to ask what your purpose in keeping a blog is. Chances are you don’t get anywhere near the kind of traffic you used to 10 years back. So if it’s about getting messages across, other platforms are probably far more effective.

    But if – like me – your blog is your own personal online space you want to retain, keep it, post when you have something to say, and carry on…without expectations.

    You never know when it may pick up again, or when it may be useful for other purposes still to come in future. (For example, personally, the book I’m working on was born through my blog…and this blog remains my public face for promotion, updates, etc.)

    Ask yourself “why?”, and whether it’s worth continuing.

    But keep your expectations realistic.

    Hope that helps…

    1. That’s awesome. Thanks so much for this perspective. It’s true things have changed and, obviously, the purpose of the blog will change as well. It will serve a different purpose than it originally did. That being said, it has had a positive impact in my life… and now suddenly I have so many more ideas of what to do with it.

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