Adventures in Habit Tracking

So I’ve realised that if I wanted to make any lasting changes in my life I need to sort out all the little things that need to be done and need to be stopped on a day to day basis.

So I got this app on iOS called “Productive”, so far the results have been amazing. I’m really happy I’m getting off to a good start. I’ve got the basic habits I wanted to track… getting all my prayers done, Reading, Being Thankful, Making sure I keep in contact with family… The app makes it easy by making things time-bound, reminding you when you need it and also it feels really good to tick things off as you do them… as I said, it works.

Productive App on iOS

So how does habit tracking work? Here’s the benefits…

  1. It creates a visual cue that can remind you to act.
  2. It motivates you to see your progress. You don’t want to break your streak.
  3. Very satisfying to click that button in the moment knowing you accomplished something no matter how small.

All in all I recommend starting… I’ve already over the course of a couple of days added a few other habits to the list either daily or weekly that I need to accomplish that I otherwise would never “find time” to do. Life will continue to get better a little by little insha’Allah.

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