Thoughts On Living With Two Kids

I don’t know where to begin with this.  The last 3 months have been a whirlwind with  a newborn in the house. I thought I kinda had all this baby stuff down since we already have a 1.5 year old and have been through this already.  Damn, man. I love them to bits, but I swear sometimes I want to throw ’em out of the window.

I won’t, obviously, I’m trying to express the frustration here.  Digestion and wind issues, reflux, being uncomfortable, needing to be rocked and held, waking up every hour or two, not stopping and us being perplexed as to why… It’s a trip.  One thing’s for sure, we need help. Any help.  Nothing can get done if it’s only two of us dealing with human beings who are totally dependent on us for everything.

My wife handles most of it, I help, but… damn, women are something else. Mom’s especially.  It’s only when you see it up close and personal that it hits you at how amazing and selfless they are. The lack of sleep, the feeding, all the while planning, cooking, playing, teaching.  Not to mention how much they give up of their time and their own interests to raise kids and maintain a home.  I don’t think one can ever really repay them and they deserve all of the praise and deference due to them. (Thank you Mum!)

Notwithstanding the challenges, just seeing them grow up and learn new things, being absolutely curious, not giving up, emotional upheavals because they have really big feelings they can’t explain.  It’s so great. The three month old, when he’s checking out the place and who’s in front of him always smiles, melts your heart.  It’s so amazing watching them grow from tiny little things not being able to do anything and suddenly they’re running around the house asking you to sit and read a book to them.

The little man dropping a smile.

I’m sure there’s a lot more running through my head about this that I can talk about, but I had to get these down.

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  1. That’s cute – the early years. Enjoy them before the dreaded “s” begins. School ruins everything… 🙁

    On another note, you guys are brave living without a support structure. Living around family – especially your parents – comes with its own challenges, but it’s SO helpful with the kids. I concur about the strength of women. I think men are just more naturally selfish, so the role of primary caregiver just doesn’t suit us…well, most of us.

    But we learn to give away our lives for our kids – especially in those early years when they are so needy.

    Stay strong, and all the best to the four of you 🙂

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