Do Not Go On The Deep Web

For every curious person, you know the one thing they tell you not to do… you obviously have to do it, or at least see. You know what I mean?

Have you ever had the experience, though, where you regretted looking? That’s generally the dark web, and specifically my experience with it.

The dark web has random buttons all over the place, specifically for the curious.  I don’t know what to tell you except that it just isn’t worth it. the plaec caters to the dark side of humanity. Think of the worst, gory flick you’ve ever seen… yeah, the dark web has worse. Fiction doesn’t come close to reality.

The worst and weirdest of sexual fetishes, violence, psychopathy.  And it isn’t hidden, it isn’t hard to find. It’s there and before you know it, it scars you and leaves you wondering why you would put yourself through that. It’s the worst. I know you’re curious but don’t do it.

There’s stories online about the scary shit people have come across there… and that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.

So, unless you’re actually using it for legit purposes (journalism or activism)… just trust me. Don’t even attempt it. It’s not worth it.


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