Apr 28

The Twitter Blacklist identifies all the idiots who Twitter spam and follow thousands of people in order to draw attention to themselves. I think it’s a really cool idea… I especially remember when I first joined Twitter and got all excited when so many people started following me, only to later realise what a bunch of self-obsessed, ego-driven idiots they are.

How do you know a person is a Twitter Spammer? The site gives a good ratio of identifying them by looking at how many people follow them vs. how many people they follow.

1:5 = twittercaster, 1:2 = notable, 1:1 socially healthy, 2:1 newbie or social climber, 5:1 twitter spammer. — evan

For those using Firefox, install Greasemonkey and then add in the Twitter Blacklist script.
There’s even an API for programmers so they can query if a certain user is on the blacklist.
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