Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook?

This is Scary.

After my previous experience… I think I should just let Facebook Go.



UPDATE: Facebook has just let slip their secret advertising rate card which they claimed doesn’t exist… Opportunities included are Sponsored Stories, Sponsored Groups, etc.

For your enjoyment, here’s the complete seven-card PowerPoint deck as a photogallery


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  1. Myspace has been doing this same thing since its inception, and for some horrid reason noone cares.

    ALL of these social-networking sites are nothing more than data-mining co’s who’re actively selling all of your information to anyone who wants it.

    I say go back to DIY , make your own website. Talk to real friends. Leave your house. Don’t trust these people.

  2. This sounds like a hit job – a lot of facts perhaps taken out of context to present a view that may or may not reflect the reality on the ground. How does Facebook respond to these charges?

  3. Everybody keeps on stating, I should get one, they did this with myspace, so I got one. I would tell these people I’ll get a facebook when i start college, I start in the fall, and after listening to you I’d like to keep my personal interest/hobbies etc. to my self and who ever I meet in person. Thanks

  4. Well, I will admit that I am a big fan of conspiracy theories myself (purely for entertainment value, of course, but like all “fiction”, there can be much “truth” found in speculation…) but this just doesn’t move me much at all. I guess that since I am far more familiar with MySpace, which has been owned by Fox News Corp for quite some time, I am not at all surprised with any of this. Of course these companies were founded by venture capitalists that had some foresight and saw a great opportunity to make money; sure, that money-making includes selling statistical data to third parties. It is ignorant for anyone to assume that anything that happens “on” the internet is private…the very nature of engaging in an INTERconnected and INTERactive NETwork suggests that at least someone is receptive to your data, and of course it has to go through a variety of telecommunications channels, servers, etc. to get to its destination. Your signals could be hijacked at numerous steps along the way. It is not surprising that these venture capitalists would have connections to people in the government, and in particular to those who were involved in the early defense department computer networks that would eventually evolve into “our” internet. these are just the people who would have the knowledge and resources to support such a venture! And yes, those with different sorts of knowledge and resources could set up just as successful and effective social networking systems that don’t have business models based around exploiting gullible users… its been done many times on the ‘net, but their success in not measured in dollars or cents.

  5. You accepted the terms and policies and you can leave if you choose. If you didnt read them, like im sure none of you did then it is your own fault you are scared. Im not saying its right im just saying you did it to yourself get over it. Who cares if the government wants the data they will get it. All your information is in someone elses hands also…If your gonna do something do it… if not then SHUT UP!!!!

  6. This really doesn’t bother me that much. So they use our info for profit, um..duh. I mean, I get that its the privacy thing that is the big deal, but seriously, who actualy believes that anything online is private? I don’t include any info on my pages that i wouldn’t want someone to know, otherwise, i’m really not worried. Go ahead, use the fact that i like pizza hut to get profit, maybe it’ll get me more pizza. But really, as long as their not selling my info to stalkers somewhere in a basement in the boonies, i’m really not phased.

  7. High production flash values does not validate anything- this is mostly just speculation.
    Mark Z isn’t evil, guys.

  8. I’m very surprised that many people here don’t seem to care that this is being done!

    “Dan” Fox News owns MySpace. Fox News is evil.

    “Rainy” in the right hands ANY information you leave on facebook can (and probably does) go to a cyber stalker, and no, they don’t pay for it.. you give it out for free!

    “Juan” wtf? so really what you’re saying is that you have no opinion at all?

    “Err” or maybe you don’t pay enough attention?

    “Jason” long winded, and you don’t have much of a point… maybe you should look up the origin of the “internet” and you’ll see that arpa had less to do with it than darpa. if you have no idea what “arpa” and “darpa” are, than you should get the fuck off of your precious “INTERconnected INTERactive NETwork”. you are the gullible one to pretend that anything on the internet (let alone in the human world) is not driven by “dollars or cents”

    and finally “Malcom” the only one who has anything intelligent to say… bravo!

  9. welll who care if your concered about privacy its not real as well pretty much all services sell data even your isp does to an extent. regurdless of protection laws if you think privacy is an isssue dont use a computer.. and have a po well the postal services have posted fax numbers for decades it cost like 400 bucks

  10. This is all taken out of context. Badly. First of all, few of these online profile places make money off selling your personal info. Second, why would I buy info from a site like facebook when I can make a free profile, add you as a friend, and get the info free? Myspace is a little more serious as unless you specify it in the options, anyone can view your profile. The place you need to worry about is your ISP. They can track and log every ip address you visit. Even worse, they can intercept your data. Some will even do this freely without court orders. You should treat the internets like the bulletin board in the college dorm – if you don’t want it out there, don’t put it up.

  11. Soooo, you just made a lot of stuff up and decided to “slam” Facebook with it?


    You realize despite all that money that Facebook is raking in, they have YET to turn a profit?

    Also – you said Facebook is “illegally” using stuff from our profile. Yet, in the contract you have to agree to in order to use Facebook (according to you, even though you made that up), it says they’ll use your information like that. Which makes it legal.

    Not sure what the point of it was, but it was worthless.

  12. Hell yeah! I’m only upset I didn’t think about this before Z-man…I love big business and can’t wait until I get my break!

  13. who cares? this information is collected in order to find trends in society. Are they going to steal are credit card information or something? I think not. They just want to know statistics so they can make people happier and make more profit by zoning in on the most popular trends and developing them more. No one is trying to screw with you or steal your identity, you are not in danger. So quit thinking everyone is out to get you.

  14. this video is retarded. what did those lines linking “the internets” and “facebook” to the freak’n CIA actually mean? someone is a little paranoid…

  15. I think the lines linking them implies that there “is” a link between them. Duh… Fact is, whether this video is true or not, it should at least make people aware of the “other” side of the internet, where things aren’t so rosy. The fact is that as soon as you put up information onto the internet, you can guarantee that someone will be able to find it.

    It’s not that anybody is “out to get you”, it’s just that people should be more aware of what exactly they’re putting out there. There’s some information, even simple information you don’t want to fall in the wrong hands.



  16. For those of you that are defending corporations in this mess – whether or not these specific allegations are true or not – your ignorance is truly a sight to behold. I bet you are the same people that believe the corporations when they scream about frivolous lawsuits hurting the economy and that we are in some sort of frivolous lawsuit explosion right now, even though the RAND Institute, a corporate funded research organization, clearly shows that the amount of people suing corporations has been dramatically decreasing for years now. Never mind the fact that you never hear them calling business to business lawsuits frivolous, or hear them rallying behind reducing their ability to sue individuals.

    You must also be the same ones that worry when big business tosses around slogans such as “government takeover”, and love it when big business talks about “privatizing” public interests, such as education, welfare, and social security. Yeah, because the privatization of the health care industry went well, right? And I am sure that you see Enron’s energy scam in California that destroyed the lives of people living in the state and those that lived all over the country that were invested deeply into the company under the suggestion of banks and investment firms that knew that Enron was cooking the books as a good example of privatizing can do for the people.

    It truly takes a special kind of person to defend businesses rights when they clearly have no interest in extending the same protections to society.

  17. And forget about the fact that the vehemently protect their right to privacy and to keep their memos and internal documents a secret, documents that actually do affect the lives of hundreds, thousands, and in some cases millions of people in the country and abroad, while at the same time requiring the public to some how magically know that if they want their financial information to be private that they have to opt out of of the sharing of said information, otherwise they are automatically opted in. Its amazing how willing people are to let their personal information be available to entities that fight drawn out litigations to keep their information hidden from you. You don’t suppose their is a reason for that, do you? Of course not…as long as you can buy your BMW your all set, right.

    Americans really need to take more heed of history – but it is probably already too late. Try starting with understanding Thomas Jefferson’s take on corporations. After that try reading about what caused the great depression, and how scandals such as the Enron sham are direct indications that we are headed in the same direction once again.

  18. juan, man you’re dumb. nobody actually reads the terms of service- they (the companies) know this, who can make heads or tale of all that jargon anyways (except lawyers). they state it in such a manner on purpose, plus it’s like 10 pages long. so they can basically put anything in there.

  19. me thinks someone has been watching “the corporation” too much.. how about a little intonation in your voice? What is with all the fear mongering, facebook is fun, people need to stop being afraid of having an identity on the net.

  20. This only raises one question: “What do you have to hide?” Regardless of all of this information being collected, if you do nothing wrong, the worst that will come of it is targeted advertising. Which are only for products you are most likely to buy, which will save you time, and presumably money. Unless of course you are slinging coke out of your freezer (and I am not talking about the liquid). Then they are going to bust my door down any second…Nope still here. The fact that they have all this information is just as readily available if you have ever posted a resume on monster or if you consistently use the same IP address. This is nothing new. It just bothers some people that an “ethically responsible social utility” is doing it. Finally, if you true believe that facebook and myspace are “Ethically responsible” you have more issues than people finding out what kind of porn you are looking at.

  21. I actually am one of the ones that DID read the terms of service before I got my Facebook account nearly 3 years ago…and you know what I decided? That I didn’t care.

    What do I care if a company knows my reading habits? Does it really matter if they know I’m a liberal? Does it matter if they know my sexual orientation?

    As far as all the rest of the stuff (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), they could find out all that stuff anyway, and the fact is that they probably already did know it.

    This is a slippery slope conspiracy theory at its best. There’s no proof that the CIA has any direct or even indirect involvement with Facebook. So the paper trail leads back to the government. Big deal. Check anything with which you have an account (a bank, your cell phone provider, your ISP) and I guarantee you that eventually you’ll end up in some branch of the government.

    If you really are that much of a nervous freak about it, then don’t ever submit ANYTHING online ever again. Not just Facebook or MySpace. I mean don’t buy anything online, don’t have a blog, don’t subscribe to any RSS feeds, don’t get an email account…do you see where I’m going with this? The truth is, they’ve been watching us since the inception of the Internet, and even before. To think that you ever had any privacy online is naive. Hell, to think that you ever had privacy at all is naive, in reality. The fact is, we just don’t know how much they’re watching us.

    Maybe they are using Facebook to see what your musical tastes are. But ask yourself, is that really important? This whole video is completely biased and inflammatory. It uses a loose string of “facts” to say, basically, that the government is watching us. Guess what, kids? That’s nothing new. Get used to it.

  22. So the **** what? Oooooh! Oh no! Facebook has spread the word that I like pizza! Ahhhh! Scary!!! Perhaps the only thing that is scary is the fact that employers might look on facebook and find pics of me drinking and then refuse to hire me. but… all I have to do is remove them. Oh, wait. There is one other thing that is scary. The monotonous voice of that girl trying to hype this up like it is some international conspiracy! Wow, CIA, oh scary. I better not let them know my hobbies!

    This **** is stupid.

  23. Well if you don’t want certain things known, it is within your right not to divulge anything that would put you at risk. Facebook is an amazing idea, there are sick people out there. But it is your responsibility to act accordingly

  24. I was waiting for that slight of hand conservative jargon to show its head – “This only raises one question: “What do you have to hide?”’

    Its the classic defense of making everything a public matter, and a defense of administration policies given by those under Hitler, Mussolini, and Saddam Hussein – among many, many other dictatorship governments. Before anyone says it, yes I am aware this discussion is with regards to corporations and not government, but who does the government hire to get their information. Well, most recently the phone companies on a mass scale…but does anyone even remember the NSA wiretapping scandal, or was that five minutes ago now already? *checks watch* Definitely five minutes ago…how soon Americans forget and go back to business as normal.

    Do I believe that all corporations are gathering information for the government? No, of course not, but like the phone companies information from other corporations could just as easily be “requested” by our government. And, even when eliminating government gathering policies entirely, who out their wants corporations to employ scare tactics on them to force you to accept their position. You think this is not possible? Try google searching Patti Santangelo and the RIAA and see how they started gathering information on not her, but her kids, to scare her into a settlement in a P2P lawsuit against her. And if you thank this is an isolated incident please dig a little deeper.

    And, even if I am to accept the argument that if I have nothing to hide than I have nothing to worry about, why doesn’t the same argument apply to the vast majority of our government or corporations? Why is it acceptable for corporations and government branches to go to extreme lengths to protect their privacy while making individuals more and more public? And why should the average American have to know that he or she needs to opt out of corporations sharing their personal financial information, as opposed to say the company taking the more responsible approach and asking them to opt in?

    And if everything in this regard is one sided, with individuals having no privacy while corporations and government have near immunity to investigation, what road does that lead us down? Back to the Great Depression (Enron anyone?), back to the oppression that our founding fathers fought against (Church and State having absolute control over the individual, companies having their hands in every aspect of the proverbial pie), or worse?

    I know, I know – I am just an alarmist right. Well try reading your history books instead of watching American Idol and buying your next consumer product that will make you happy for thirty seconds and you might see civilizations have walked this path before – and the results were not pretty.

  25. If you actually read both the terms of use and privacy policy, you will see that whilst the terms of use do say what is claimed above, the privacy policy actually limits what they can do. The privacy policy is also authorised by TRUSTe; the foremost authority on consumer privacy on the web. To be frank, this video cherrypicks a variety of details from the two documents, and smooshes them together to paint a horrifying picture, but in actual fact, facebook is a lot more harmless than myspace is.

  26. Oh PS, the facebook terms of use say that once you deactivate your account: “the license granted above will automatically expire”. That is the licence that is so ‘awful’ in the video.

  27. LOL. That’s pretty nice… what a big shock that technologically minded people made a pile of money in the past and are now using that money to, ummm, make more money, by investing in technology, which is, umm, exactly what their background is. I’m just blown away!

    By the way, you should have switched your “flowchart” around a little to show that DARPA kind of, well, created the internet. If it weren’t for all those nasty boogymen you were talking about, you wouldn’t be able to post and distribute that nifty video.

  28. I just love the fact that almost everyone here has valid points, or at least bits of it. Although some of you guys sound like you had been sleeping for 10 years, and you just woke up in time to write something stupid and then went back to sleep. It’s a great intelligent discussion. Maybe this video is just there to see our rational/critical thinking skills, and in reality these huge companies are recruiting for fresh meat. Would you want to work for them?

  29. I just don’t understand why anyone would use social networking sites at all. I understand having a personal website and maybe a blog for professional or even financial reasons but why go to myspace and decorate a page with widgets and crap, post pictures of you getting drunk with your friends, and get comments from a bunch of other people who you dont know and will probably never meet in person? Get out of the house, go to functions, events, concerts, etc.. Meet people the old fashioned way.

  30. All electronic communications have been monitored by government agencies for quite some time (Note: NSA is largest % of Pentagon budget, which is roughly $450B yearly). It’s not as though every call or email is listened to or read. It’s more of a screen that highlights keywords and tracks persons of interest. The Facebook story is not surprising. What makes it notable is the apparent intent of CIA operatives working in the private sector to create a commercial system to capture mountains of data on a demographic segment that is the most likely source of activism in America – educated, empowered youth! Knowledge is power.

  31. hi vince – the model of social networking sites is changed by facebook, and the demographic of FACEBOOK is still vastly students, and middle-class white people etc etc. basically cos it started as a student hangout centred around colleges. check the stats for yourself, i’m not being random. having read interviews with mr zuckerman, he wanted it NOT to be somewhere where you chat to random people you’ve never met, but a place to chat safely with ‘real-world’ friends. he calls it a ‘social utility’ for this point.

    MYSPACE is much more working-class, younger, with more of a multicoloured demographic. more importantly, signing up to myspace, you are opening yourself up to actually meeting new people, which i agree is a bit creepy, particularly for naive teenagers. but that’s the point of myspace, and i think people are more accepting of the lack of privacy there.

    the prob is that FACEBOOK is marketed as a safe place to arrange nights out with current friends, share real-world information with them and stay in touch with people. i use it regularly for these reasons, and have no interest in meeting new people through the site. does this make sense? it has a more ‘private’ feel and that’s why people are so upset, they feel more betrayed as profiles on facebook are invisible until you agree to be ‘friends’ with someone, whereas myspace profiles are constantly on display to anyone, and are as you say covered in a load of crap.

    the fact that the 2 companies have similarly un-ethical takes on user info shouldn’t be surprising, but it is…

  32. Lots of snide comments here from the youngsters – “so what”, “who cares”, “big shock” etc. I’ve got to assume these facebook cheerleaders either work in the segments of industry that live to suck up such personal info, or that they are either too young to remember, or too naive to believe, that this information could be used for harmful purposes.

    You’ve been asleep if you think your info won’t be used to identify you as “anti-American” or “liberal” or “gay” or whatever the prevailing political powers care to know so you can’t get in to see the President speak, or board an airplane, apply for a grant, etc. These things are already happening. Phonies like Myspace (owned by nutjob Rupert Murdoch, BTW – think Fox News) or Facebook, with its “say one thing, do another” BS make it easy for those who despise your way of life to keep tabs on you.

    Don’t think for a second that a dollar doesn’t take precedence over your desire for privacy. Companies in business are not really guided by traditional ethics these days, and will do whatever is called for to expand and protect their companies. When a company sees another taking ethics to a new low, and winning because of it, don’t think they won’t follow suit, because they will (and have).

    When there are no laws with teeth in them (and there are none) to protect the average person’s privacy from online big business predators then you can bet they will do what makes them money, not what gives you peace of mind.

    As for what harm could befall you from government…let’s say you were a Jew, and you lived in Germany in the 1940’s…

  33. well arew e all going to be upset becuase of this sheesh ,if you are really upset by this and this is only a website where last time i checked you can control what you do on it then how come when the elections come around in the US and canada we like good little robots go and vote cause we thing that we actually have a say . The government knows more about you and yours and what you do ut does anybody care NO we still go and vote cause we are stupid and think that our vote will change rhings. As for personal info on here how many of you have given your credit card info to ebay or any other onlite site tp purchase things. If you think that juat becasue the website starts with the letters https ,the s stands for secure such as bank sites is a secure site well any hacjer worth is money can crack that crap sheesh . Like ia say it is like a car lock on a car keeps an honeat person out and keeps a crimanal out 30 seconds longer . So now becuase all the sudden these companies are using your info that you supply we are all upset . facebook is agood place to be like a said honest people and not so honest people see ya

  34. Yes Facebook is a good concept.. but really, why else would microsoft want to buy it for 6 BILLION dollars? (and they say thats undervalued!) thats over a hundred dollars for each member.
    Microsoft know they can make good returns on that 6Billion.
    Its meant to be a COMMUNITY not a business

    But hey, at the end of the day, were all screwed by BIG business no matter what we do.

    You can see me there, I’ll be the one bent over and lubed up, because I know i’m going to cop it!

    Have a nice life.

  35. I rely rely hop dis comes throgh. I think that if you are willing to let everbody see you like pizza or whatever else you put and say on facebook or myspace, go for it. All I say is that the internet is full of weirdos and that it is dangerous. Like what I’m doing now is also dangerous; reason 1: if my parents catch me, I’m DEAD!!! reason 2: If some weirdo traces me… I’m also dead! But if the write person gets this and truely understands this, I could also maybe save a life. So, my suggestion is as follow: If you want to chat to your friends, go meet them somewear were you can talk in person, if you want to make new friends go to a shopping mall (with someone else, THINK SAFETY PEOPLE) and if you’re just bored, go watch tv even if there is nothing on, or clean your room…! :) So people, quit living a cyberspace life and enjoy all the other amazing things God created for us to enjoy!! God loves you all!!!!
    Have a wonderful day, OUTSIDE!!!!

  36. And you guys say that the Terms of Service and the Privacy Report and all that other **** is longwinded and hard to understand?? Some of you people need to seriously buy a clue…so here it is, plain and simple. If you wouldn’t show it to your own grandmother, you probably shouldn’t put it on facebook. OH, now wasnt that simple?!?! I’ve heard a lot of random conspiracy theories before, but this one definatly takes the cake. If you are so paranoid about your privacy, stay the **** off of a computer.

    Oh, and Die berg, you are worried about who sees this yet you post it anyway?? you tell people to stop living a cyberspace life, why are you sitting on the computer and having this chat with other people. Maybe you should PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!

  37. Just came back to Durban from London. Place hasn’t changed, people still fucking piss me off and they continue to do it. fuck Indian Durban… especially the indians there with their inquisitiveness and inability to stay the fuck out of people’s business. bastards.

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