You’re Gonna Be Dealing With The Same Shit Unless You Learn The Lesson

… and act.

I thought I’d break down something I’ve thought about a lot recently and have advised more than a few people who were discussing all the struggles and challenges we go through in life.

Simply… it boils down to this:

“Life will continue to throw the same challenge at you, again and again, until you learn what you need to learn from it and change your behaviour.”


When confronted with whatever challenge we’re facing or will face, we need to ask ourselves “What is this trying to tell me?” and “What do I need to learn from this?”

From my experience, this ends up having you question some really difficult truths about yourself, but having identified these, you’re able to know what needs to change to help you move forward, passed the problems and onto better challenges to ultimately become a better person.

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Hello… again.


New and Improved!


This has taken the place of my previous blog.
Thanks to hackers, malware and corporate “online security specialists” trying to scam hundreds of dollars a month from me, my previous blog is now defunct.

So here we are.

Starting from the beginning.

The blog is reborn and in some way I’m glad.

Who knows what I’ve been spewing online in my youth.

It can’t have been all good.

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